Slik Helvetika - Mik Myers- Vocals and all guitars, Vern Parsons-Bass and backing vocals formerly of Howe 2, Craig Martyn drums and backing vocals , Archival studio drummers Mark TRUK Bennett and Michael Voros

Slik Helvetika is a celebrated 30+ years of blistering high energy melodic metal. The band has stayed true to its founding philosophy: "We should only make music we love and our records need to stand tall against our favorite records of all-time." Hailing from Pennsylvania with roots stretching from the early 1980s when the band was called DESTROYER, the history spans back to the legendary Empire Rock Room and the Philadelphia scene which spawned some "hair metal platinum selling bands” of the 80s. The reformation line up is energized and ready for a new era and poised for success with their new single "Beautiful" streaming its way past 100, 000. Slik/Destroyer has included many former members such as Kjell Benner of Quiet Riot and Skull, Mark "Truk" Bennet of Mindmaze, Dave Wade formerly of Without Warning, and Matthew Vandoerosa, inventor of "the Beat Box" and current members Mik Myers (founding member, lead vox and lead guitar), Vern Parsons (bass and backing vox) from Howe 2, and Craig Martyn (drums and backing vox) from Anderson Council.

We thank every one who has been a fan and kickass member of this very loud party on wheels of fire.

 The 2019 DESTROYER release will will take metalists to new ground as well as an 80's walk down memory lane celebrating the signature sound with inspired anthems about our lifestyle, mindset and our full throttle history. The material spans several decades of writing and we are very excited to release this time capsule.

Let's take this party worldwide!